Having to live an unimaginable life decades full of dysfunction, I didn’t think my life could turn to the right path.
I sought misguided relief from all the wrong places, adding to the dysfunction and exposing my children to trauma
and violence.  I thought however horrible my life was, I could shield them and raise them to be healthy and upright.
Through HOGP’s DV awareness program, I learned that my “temporary” situation will have a lifelong impact on their mentality
and habits. I saw the cycle they will mostly likely repeat as children of a domestic violence victim and growing up in a DV environment.
I’m gratefulfor the classes at HOGP.  I know now that the only right path is the path that leads to God.
Only by the grace of God, I have sanity back in my life and assurance that God will care for my family.
I can find strength and recovery through Him.